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 Vitamin D, we've all heard of that. But is Vitamin D as good as one claims? Does not Vitamin D just sit in the sun? Can you just swallow extra Vitamin D and what are the differences in Vitamin D? The health coun…


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Minerals > Nano (collodial) Minerals

The word Nano refers to something that has a very small particle size, and can dissolve in a liquid medium (such as water) without the particles sinking to the bottom or float to the surface. When Nano Minerals is this because of their unique electromagnetic charge and extremely small particle size.

Particle size is an important factor for the proper absorption of minerals, because of the fundamental physical law that states that the smaller the particle is, the greater is the relative particle surface. It is this surface that the body uses to break down and to absorb nutrients. The larger the surface, the better nutrients can be utilized.

Nano Minerals are characterized by an extremely small particle size, which can be absorbed much better than pills or powders. They are also the answer for people with digestive problems where the absorption of vitamins and minerals is disrupted. It has been shown that minerals from rocks and clays can be absorbed only for 20 to 40%. Minerals are often bound to (amino) acid in order to improve absorption. Chelated minerals are absorbed for 50 to 60%. Nano Minerals are completely absorbed. When the liquid here is held in the mouth prior to swallowing, the minerals are absorbed directly into the body and used immediately.


Minerals are the source of all physical life, and are the basis of all food. The human body contains about 4% minerals. Minerals controlling each organ and the electrical impulses in the body. Minerals, like the 50 billion cells in our body which they feed, are dependent on each other for their operation. Therefore, we need the full spectrum, as is the case with plants. But if minerals are no longer in the soil than plants not contain more minerals and creates defects. Mineral supplementation is essential.

We can not survive without vitamins and minerals. Without minerals vitamins can not be absorbed. Vitamins actually do anything in the absence of minerals.

Minerals are elements that come out of the ground and not by living organisms such as plants and animals can be made. Nevertheless, plants, animals and minerals people need to stay healthy. Plants absorb minerals from the soil, and animals receive their minerals by eating plants or other animals. The major part of the minerals in the human diet comes directly from vegetable sources, such as vegetables and fruit, or indirectly from animal sources. Water also contains minerals, the composition of which depends on where you live and what kind of water you drink. Vegetable sources differ in mineral content, depending on the soil conditions.

Our body has minerals (more than 100 mg / day), and trace elements (less than 100 mg / day) is necessary.

The most important minerals are calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and phosphorus.

Trace elements include iron, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, iodine and chromium.

Minerals have three functions:

1. They give structure to bones and teeth.
2. They help with maintaining a normal heart rhythm, the contraction of the muscles, the conduction of the nervous system, and a balanced acid-base balance.
3. They regulate cellular metabolism, because they are part of enzymes and hormones that modulate cellular activity.

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About Vitaminedesk

Only the top brands in vitamins and nutritional supplements you find in the wide range of Vitaminedesk.


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