Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

Vitamin Desk will always respect the anonymity of its users and protect. Information such as names, email addresses, contact information and other personal information voluntarily provided by our visitors will be recorded in a secure manner.

Vitamin Desk undertakes the personal data of users only use in accordance with the laws on the protection of personal data. Vitamin Desk does not collect any personal data of users, unless voluntarily provided, such as the registration, the contact or completing and sending mail and / or e-mail. The personal data will only be used for administrative purposes (customer, orders, etc.). Only if the user has given explicit consent, personal data for other purposes, eg for direct marketing or promotional purposes by Vitamin Desk, its partners or third parties.

The user can his / her personal information always apparent and / or modify and reserves the right to charge to oppose the processing of data for the above purposes. The user must do to log in their account (under "My Account") or contact us.

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