Questions answered about Vitamin D

 Vitamin D, we've all heard of that. But is Vitamin D as good as one claims? Does not Vitamin D just sit in the sun? Can you just swallow extra Vitamin D and what are the differences in Vitamin D? The health coun…


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Only the top brands in vitamins and nutritional supplements you find in the wide range of Vitaminedesk.


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  • Barley Grass/gerstegras extract 1000 mg
  • Wheat grass/tarwegras extract 4:1 750 mg
  • Rode fruitsappoeder extract (bevat anti-oxidanten) 1000 mg
  • Spirulina (rijke bron van mineralen, vitaminen) 750 mg
  • Acerola extract 25% (bron van vitamine C) 800 mg
  • Lecithine 800 mg
  • Alfalfazaad kruid 500 mg
  • Chlorella kruid (rijke bron chlorophyl) 250 mg
  • Vitamine C 200 mg 250 %
  • Vitamine E 91,2 mg 760
  • Tarwevezelpoeder 200 mg
  • Appel azijn extract 200 mg
  • Appelpectine (hoogzuiver) 200 mg
  • Acidophylus/L.Bifidus mengsel (probiotica) 100 mg
  • Lijnzaadextract 50 mg
  • Knoflookpoeder kruid 50 mg
  • Gemberwortel kruid 40 mg
  • Groene the extract 50% 30 mg
  • Aloe Vera Extract 200:1 25 mg
  • Grape seed/druivenpit extract 95% OPC 20 mg
  • Ginkgo Biloba extract 24% 15 mg
  • Rutine 30 mg
  • Protease (Enzym) 25 mg
  • Lactase (Enzym) 25 mg
  • Lipase (Enzym) 12,5 mg

*Aanbevolen Dagelijkse Hoeveelheid

  • Super greens poeder220gram Vitakruid

Super greens poeder220gram Vitakruid

A daily serving of Super Greens (1 scoop) delivers vitamins (acerola), minerals (wheat and barley grass), trace elements (chlorella and spirulina), antioxidants (red juice, green tea, grape seed) and amino acids approximately equal to three servings vegetables and two servings of fruit and contains active phytonutrients with a beneficial effect on the absorption of all nutrients

Only 1 scoop per day is sufficient for a balanced pH (acid / alkaline) balance. Supergreens fits into a low carbohydrate diet. Good for optimal health, energy, flora and resistance. Contains natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and enzymes. Contains additional phytonutrients to promote the uptake of all nutrients.
Super greens are rich sources present in the natural form. Some examples are: Acerola extract is a rich source of vitamin C, red juice powder is used as a powerful free radical scavenger, spirulina is a rich source of minerals, chlorella contains a lot of chlorophyll that is good for the absorption of iron and apple pectin has the property in order to bind heavy metals. These are just a few examples of the benefits of Super Greens.

Unfortunately, we can not explain consumers associated with new European regulations that this dietary supplement can be used for. You can send us email via the contact page for advice.

Take 1 scoop daily with water, yogurt, cottage cheese or fruit juice. Super Greens can also be used. Like salad dressing Contains essential oils. Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. Wash hands after use.

This product is a dietary supplement. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. A nutritional supplement is no substitute for a varied diet.

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About Vitaminedesk

Only the top brands in vitamins and nutritional supplements you find in the wide range of Vitaminedesk.


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