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 Vitamin D, we've all heard of that. But is Vitamin D as good as one claims? Does not Vitamin D just sit in the sun? Can you just swallow extra Vitamin D and what are the differences in Vitamin D? The health coun…


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Contains per daily serving (30g):
when reconstituted with water

Energy 475kJ / 114kcal Cysteine ​​0.4g
of which saturated

1.1 g

Glutamic acid 4.0g
glycine 0.4g
of which is sugar


histidine 0.4g
Isoleucine * / ** 1.5g
23g protein Leucine * / ** 3.0g
Salt 0,258g Lysine * 1.8g
Magnesium 84g (22% ADH1) Methionine * 0.4g
Phenylalanine 0.7g *
proline 1.2g
serine 1.1 g
Amino acid profile Threonine * 1.5g
Tryptophan Alanine 1.0g 0.5g *
Arginine Tyrosine 0.5g 0.6g
Aspartic acid Valine 2.4g * / ** 1.5g
1 = Recommended Daily Allowance (when mixed with water)
* = Essential amino acid
** = BCA 6g BCAA per 30g dosage.

Whey protein mixture (whey protein concentrate (milk, soy), whey protein isolate (milk, soy)), branched chain amino acids (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine), flavoring agents, natural color
(Beta Carotene), Magnesium citrate, stabilizer (Xanthan gum), acid regulator (citric acid), artificial sweetener (Sucralose).

Dosage and use:
Mix 1 level measuring cup (30g) with 200ml cold water or skim milk. (For best results use a blender).
We recommend 1-4 doses per day depending on your protein needs. Can be used any time of the day in order to increase the protein intake. If you take it with skimmed milk
then you have extra 8g protein, plus 85 calories. Once mixed, you should keep it cool and use within 3 hours.
Use as described here unless otherwise advised by your therapist or pharmacist.
Allergen advice:
Contains soy and milk. Produced in a factory where cereals are processed.
Warnings for use:
This product is not recommended during pregnancy or lactation.
Storage instructions:
Store in a cool dry place, protected from light. Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

  • Whey Protein Vanilla 1000lbs Lambers performance

Whey Protein Vanilla 1000lbs Lambers performance

Our bodies need protein because they contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and it is therefore important that our diet contains sufficient protein.
Whatever the cause of deficiency is, the answer may be to insert one of the delicious tasting shakes in the daily routine.
Each shake contains 24 grams of high quality protein that is easily digestible. Experts agree that whey contains one of the best available type of proteins based on the amino acid profile and digestibility. This product tastes great mixed with water, but even better if it is made with milk. And do it with milk, the protein intake is even higher.

excellent Proteins
Wei has been isolated from milk and is well known as a highly digestible and is a high-rich source of an excellent mix of amino acids, including high amounts of the three branched chain amino acids (BCAAs).

Did you know that?
Magnesium is an essential mineral that contributes to: Reduction of tiredness and fatigue, normal muscle function (including heart muscle), normal nerve function, maintaining normal bone, normal protein synthesis and electrolyte balance.
Our shakes contain more protein per serving than any other sports brand. This is a very tasty product, easy to use, free from Aspartame.

This product is a dietary supplement. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. A nutritional supplement is no substitute for a varied diet.

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About Vitaminedesk

Only the top brands in vitamins and nutritional supplements you find in the wide range of Vitaminedesk.


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